Catering & Events


Need Our Cookies At Your Next Party Or Company Meeting? You're At The Right Spot!

We're Happy To Provide Bulk Discounting...

- 10% Off Orders Over $100

-20% Off Orders Over $500

-Larger discounts available for ongoing partnerships such as purchasing our goods wholesale or consistent orders from catering companies/event planning departments. Please contact us for pricing.

Mini Cookies!

For catering events and planned pre-orders only, we also offer our "Minis" or miniature sized cookies. They're only small when compared to our normal cookies. Whereas our normal cookies are all roughly 6 oz. our minis are 1/3 that size at 2 oz. a piece. We only make our minis for these catering events as we do not sell them out of our bakery or online for shipping/pickups. We also cannot make any of our stuffed cookies as minis (although we can make modifications for some of them). Sorry, the minis are not available for wholesale at this time.

How To Order For Catering

-You may reach out to us anyway possible: Email, Phone, Text, Instagram, etc.

- We'll want to know exactly what cookies you want to order, any special requests, and a date & time that the order is to be picked up. We can offer delivery in some circumstances depending on availability and on the order size. Our bakery is located in Hobe Sound, FL.

-After all the details are arranged, we'll email you an invoice which you'll need to pay in order to secure your order.

-Come pickup your order at the agreed date & time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any special arrangements or decorations for the setup of your cookies at events?

Not at this time.

Do your cookies come packaged?

For catering events, you have a few options for packaging:

  1. No packaging at all
  2. Heat-seal the cookies into cellophane bags
  3. Cookies placed in resealable cellophane bags

Do your cookies come labeled?

We can add labels to your packaging or leave them off. It's your preference.

How Long In Advance Do I Need To Place My Catering Order?

The sooner the better as we can only accommodate orders that we have the availability for. Generally, for smaller orders (25-50 cookies), we need only a few days notice. For very large orders (200+ cookies), we need to know several weeks in advance, if possible.

For mini cookies, we always need to know a week in advance as we have to make special arrangements to prepare these tiny delicacies :)