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Need Our Cookies, Cookie Cakes, Or Mini Cookies At Your Next Party Or Company Meeting? You're At The Right Spot!

10% Off Orders of $125+.

20% Off Orders $500+

Regular Cookies

-No need to explain these famous huge cookies (shown above in picture). Simply visit our home page to feast your eyes and decide which of them you would like at your next get-together. $4.25 a piece.


Cookie Cakes

Cookie Cake

These fantastic cakes will liven up any get together! They're perfect for birthdays, holidays, catering, or just because :) They are 10" across and about 2" tall (super thick) which is the weight equivalent of 10 of our normal sized cookies. We only sell these for pre-orders and catering events.

Price: $50

We offer 12 different varieties for cookie cakes:
(The following links are meant to offer general product descriptions of what that cookie cake would contain based on our normal cookie of the same flavor. They are NOT meant for ordering the cookies cakes :)

-Classic Chocolate Chip
-Sea Salt Caramel Brownie
-Brownie Buzz
-Apple Pie
-Caramel Oreo Crunch
-Funfetti (White Chocolate Chips & Sprinkles)
-Chocolate & Peanut Butter
-Peanut Butter Paradise
-Mount Reeses

Cookie Cakes come with an optional vanilla butter cream border and we can also write a short message on it with the buttercream (ex. "Happy Birthday").

How To Order For Catering

-You may reach out to us anyway possible: Email, Phone, Text, Instagram, etc.

- We'll want to know exactly what cookies you want to order, any special requests, and a date & time that the order is to be picked up. We can offer delivery in some circumstances depending on availability and on the order size. Our bakery is located in Hobe Sound, FL.

-After all the details are arranged, we'll email you an invoice which you'll need to pay in order to secure your order.

-Come pickup your order at the agreed date & time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any special arrangements or decorations for the setup of your cookies at events?

Not at this time.

Do your cookies come packaged?

For catering events, you have a few options for packaging:

  1. No packaging at all
  2. Heat-sealed cookies in cellophane bags
  3. Cookies placed in resealable cellophane bags

Do your cookies come labeled?

We can add labels to your packaging or leave them off. It's your preference.

How Long In Advance Do I Need To Place My Catering Order?


At least a week in advance.