About – Sweet Thang Cookies


We're the Milton's! David, Mia, Luka, Esme And Aidan (Not Pictured).

In 2018, after we had our first child, Momma Mia was infected by the maternal baking bug. She produced a batch of the Chocolate Chip cookies and we said it was "The best cookie we have ever tasted!" This is was no small compliment since David had worked in the food industry for over a decade. So, Mia started a part-time baking business which became a huge hit. More recipes started being developed and the positive feedback continued. Between Mia's talent as a baker and David's long-run in food management, it was clear we were onto something.

With the family moving back to David's hometown of Jupiter in 2020 we decided the cookies were so wonderful that we wanted to start a full-time baking business.

Sweet Thang Baked Goods was formed. We're sure that you'll love our cookies!