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Mini Cookies

For catering events and planned pre-orders only, we also offer our "Minis" or miniature sized cookies. They're only small when compared to our normal cookies. Whereas our normal cookies are all roughly 6 oz. our minis are 1/3 that size at 2 oz. a piece. 

Price: $18 per dozen

Minimum Order: 2 dozen

We require a four business day notice for a Minis order. While we sometimes can accommodate on short notice, we often will not be able to.

We currently offer the following selections for our minis:
(The following links are meant to offer general product descriptions of what the Minis would contain based on our normal cookie of the same flavor. They are NOT meant for ordering the Minis :)

-Classic Chocolate Chip
-Chocolate & Peanut Butter
-Caramel Oreo Crunch
-Apple Pie
-Peanut Butter Paradise
-Funfetti (White Chocolate Chips & Sprinkles)

To order, please contact us:

Text: 615-767-0342

We will email you an invoice that you need to pay online for the order to be finalized or you can come pre-pay at our store.